LED Battery Operated, Replaceable

LED battery operated, battery replaceable task lights by Alert come in several different models to fit your battery operated LED work light needs. Our 16 LED Cordless Task Light offers superior portability and efficiency with 16 bright LED lamps and dual brightness settings. The slick clam shell packaging makes it ideal for traveling job. It is freestanding, or you can utilize the ergonomic grips or swiveling hanging hook.

The Tilt-and-Twist model boasts 20 high intensity LED lamps and a 90 degree tilt option, as well as a 360 degree swivel capability. The strong magnetic base will keep your work space fully lit without the inconvenience of your LED task light toppling over. The top hanging hook or ergonomic handle are also ideal for most any works space configuration.

If your work requires the brightest light possible, without compromising sleek design and portability, Alert’s 30 LED Cordless Task Light is for you. This sturdy unit has top and bottom bumpers, two hanging hooks that swivel 360 degrees, and of course 30 super strong LED lamps. Choose from two brightness levels, and simply replace the three AA batteries when needed.

The lighting professionals of Alert are standing by to meet all of your LED lighting requirements and assist you with your order. Contact one of the experts at Alert directly by phone (716-648-1048) with any questions that you may have with regard to your LED lighting needs.