LED Corded

Choose Alert for your LED Corded Work Light needs and rest assured you’ll be working in the brightest lit space you could need. Our quality task lights range from powerful floods to hanging torches and hand held units in many configurations to suit your application specific needs.

For the brightest and most versatile task lighting, choose Alert’s 100 LED lamp corded flood lights. The units tilt 360 degrees, can be mounted by tri-pod or to the wall or ceiling, (mounting hardware is included with the work light), and are made of durable poly-carbonate. These floodlights are so rugged, they are even rainproof and the cords are cold weather proof. Choose from wall plugs or 12 volt automotive plug options.

Convenient and ultra-portable corded task lights by Alert that are ideal for hanging or laying flat in a work space come in LED arrays ranging from 20 to 50 lamps. We offer a 30 LED corded task light with a 12 Volt DC automotive plug option, for the ultimate in bright lighting on the go. Our corded LED task lights feature 15 feet of sturdy cord, hanging hooks that swivel 360 degrees, ergonomic finger grips and our standard high intensity LED lamps.

Contact the work light experts of Alert today, by phone (716-648-1048) with any questions that you may have in regard to your LED lighting needs, or to place your order.