Case Study: Streamlining Audio Visual Setup with the Innovative Retractable Cord Reel & Bracket for AV Carts

January 25, 2024

Users working with electrical cabling and equipment can benefit from the use of a retractable extension cord reel. Wall brackets and other integrated mounting solutions for reels can be used in audio-visual (AV) applications to help stabilize a cord reel while additionally powering mobile equipment in places where there’s no accessibility to outlets. Sometimes, it takes a specially designed custom retractable cord reel or mounting solution to serve a user’s needs best.

Alert Reels Case Study: Customizing Extension Cord Reel Wall Mounts & Other Accessories for AV Carts

Alert Reel Manufacturing designs and crafts retractable extension cord reels, including custom solutions for clients who need to integrate our reels into their products. It sometimes presents a challenge to ensure they work exactly as intended, especially for clients who are sticklers for quality control. For example, one client who sells made-to-order AV furniture and carts for the high-end furniture market needed a power solution that was both functional and had an aesthetically pleasing design.

The project involved combining their AV cart with our retractable cord reels. Mounting the reel securely inside the cart proved the best solution, as it kept the reel unobtrusive and secure within the AV cart system. Additionally, we added a triple tap on the end of the cord to provide extra power outlets to support the application. We were able to meet our client’s very high standards for quality and function.

Customization Considerations for Audio Visual Setups

When choosing a retractable extension cord reel for AV applications, consider the following:

  • Wire Gauge: It’s important to consider cabling thickness, referred to as wire gauge; specifically, the AWG (American wire gauge) rating should be noted, with higher AWG ratings able to handle applications with higher amperage electrical current.
  • Safety: Excess current can cause short circuits or electrical overloads, so having cord reels with integrated circuit breakers will make for a safer workplace.  
  • Cord Reel Housing: Depending on the conditions, steel or thermoplastic are often used for an extension cord reel; wall and other accessory mounts made from more robust material can also help it withstand harsh conditions.
  • Length: Extension cabling should reach everywhere it’s needed, though its length should account for the reel’s position as it relates to the application. Reel mounting location may lessen its useable length, so it should also be considered.
  • Durability: Retractable extension cord reels can be built for many situations, including cabling and cases resistant to acids, alkalis, high or low temperatures, kinking, oil, ozone, UV lighting, and water.
  • Convenience: With a retractable extension cord reel, wall and internally-mounted applications allow cabling to rewind into the reel with a quick pull and then lock into place once it reaches the right length.
  • Capacity: When purchasing a retractable extension cord reel, AWG ratings and maximum amperages should be compatible with any devices it powers; for multiple devices, users should check overall amperage requirements to ensure that it won’t damage equipment.

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