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Light Your Workspace or Jobsite with Custom Lighting

Every lighting project has unique specifications and we understand you don’t always have engineers or electricians available to you – that’s why we offer our team to you. With a range of capabilities and equipment on-site, we can design a quality lighting option (or two!) that you can integrate easily into your application or use as a stand-alone product that bears your name and brand.

If you have a custom lighting idea and you need a manufacturing partner to help develop and deliver it, our team can help make that happen. Between our engineering, manufacturing and assembly capabilities we can help you and your brand stand out from the competition.


Create your project exactly as you envision it!

We look at your project requirements and assist in developing the right part to optimize performance, efficiency and cost. Alert can help you create the solution you need. Whether you are an OEM, retailer, brand or manufacturer, our team can help you design and build a quality lighting solution you need. And because we have many capabilities and processes available in-house, we are able to offer a variety of options all right under our vertically integrated facility.


  • Various illumination levels with LED or specialty bulbs
  • Power source (replaceable battery, rechargeable or corded)
  • Switch type – motion, rocker or pull
  • Integrated or standalone handheld lights
  • And more!



Let our engineers help you create the lighting solution you need for your specific job application. We can help create custom task lights to your specifications or custom cabinet or toolbox lighting that fits just right. Our custom lighting solutions will suit your unique needs every time – contact us to get started.

Integrated tool bench lighting
Custom Lighting
Handheld light Custom handheld task light - private label
Quad light 2 Production of custom work lighting
Uline Tool Bench Light Integrated work table lighting kit
Custom Area Light
Quad Light Quality testing electrical components
Uline LED LightKit Integrated work table lighting kit
commercial LED lighting Custom area light

Recent Customer Projects

Several years back we designed a custom add-on lighting kit for a national tool company’s tool storage systems and it is still a best seller today. We created a few LED solutions that would fit various sizes and lengths so it could be integrated on many pieces in their product line. Our LED motion sensor canopy lights easily mount on their tool hutch with strong magnets and have an easily accessible power cord that tucks out of the way. The high lumen light easily illuminates an entire work area. Once that project was completed and successful, we were able to add another custom lighting solution to their catalog – rechargeable, motion activated light bars in a variety of lengths. These light bars serve as a portable light source that works well in toolbox drawers, lockers, closets, cupboards, campers and more and have an adjustable high/low light function. As the client specified, we developed two mounting options: magnets or a mounting plate.

Alert designed and built a lighting kit for commercial work benches and work stations for a national storage and packing company. With several different products in their line, we had to design according to a variety of specification requirements. One required an integrated overhead fluorescent light fixture as several others needed LED light kits that serve as a feature add-on option for their customers. High lumen corded lights are perfect for work areas that require a lot of overhead lighting and are a popular option. For years the lights have been well received by our client and their customers with plenty of good reviews on construction and performance.

Maintenance repair and operation on large scale ships requires bright, rainproof pendant lighting to ensure a focused light right where it’s needed. Our client, a full service shipyard and marina on the east coast, needed a modified version of our TPL-50 single pendant light that allowed them to have the flexibility to move lights wherever they were needed for maintenance, especially on poorly lit decks and small spaces. With a solid rubber handle molded to the cord and a clear vented polycarbonate guard the light was developed to be durable to withstand the jobsite. Ensuring they didn’t have to worry about the inevitable damp, moist environment was critical and this light was the ideal cost-effective solution they needed to continue to do machining and repair work for a variety of ships, yachts and more.

When you have an environment that sees extreme temperatures and weather patterns, finding the right tools is critical. Our client, a full service shipyard dealing in private and military ships, had been satisfied with a product we had previously developed for them. When their job application changed, so did their need for a light that was better suited for the environment. In this case it meant more light in a handheld light. So the Alert team got to work improving their already incredibly durable light – with an IK07 impact rating – and reconfigured it to a COB LED light that provided them 750 lumens. This doubled their light output while keeping everything else they loved about the light. In the last few years we have manufactured over 10,000 lights for our client with no reported failures.

When a family owned business approached Alert looking for a line super heavy duty LED handheld work lights they could offer their commercial and industrial customers, they had very particular specifications it needed to meet. We were able to offer them a premium product they could brand as their own and stand by with a lifetime warranty. A super bright, rugged SMD LED rechargeable light was designed in a custom color with a special reflector and a single solid extruded aluminum piece for the ultimate in durability. Utilizing our full-service capabilities, we were able to complete this project with a custom design and packaging. This unique handheld light was, and continues to be, a top seller for our client.

There are times when a design is so good it just needs to be tweaked for an upgrade. That was what happened when a long-standing client requested an enhancement to a unique product that was designed for them years before. The portable, military-grade wide area lighting we created for a maintenance application in military shipyards got an upgrade when it was redesigned to accommodate a transition from fluorescent to LED bulbs. The original specifications were clear – must be extremely durable, reliable, bright/high lumen, corded, and daisy-chainable up to 10 lights to light walkways when there is no onboard lighting on a ship. The key for these rugged lights was longevity to ensure that these lights – that were being used for maintenance – didn’t need much maintenance themselves. Moving over to high efficiency, bright LEDs was key in improving this light and keeping our client’s customer satisfied for the long haul.

Being commissioned to design and manufacture a line of exclusive lighting products is a challenge, but over the years we have developed relationships with several customers who have done just that. One client in particular has worked with Alert to develop a half dozen unique LED flood lights, handheld halogen lights, and both corded or and cordless lights bearing their name and brand colors. Our in-house capabilities have allowed us to service them by providing engineering, manufacturing, assembly, package design, labeling and distribution of their products. Knowing Alert has been critical in helping our client put unique, quality SKUs on their retail shelves for years underscores the importance of our team and the role each department has in the process as well as always ensuring our clients specifications – and expectations – are always met.

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