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We can partner with you to power ahead in today’s modern – and competitive – business world. Alert develops, manufactures and markets power distribution products for a wide range of customers that are designed to be either standalone units or a key component integrated into other equipment. Our power products can be found on tool carts, garage cabinets, A/V carts, office desks, work tabletops and more. We have successfully worked with our customers for decades to develop a wide array of custom and private label power products for a variety of commercial applications.

Whether you are looking for a custom power strip containing outlets, USBs, network cabling or you a GFCI solution, we can help. We have tackled seamlessly integrated solutions that included single and double sided power strip applications, multi-outlet setups and more – all engineered to work within your specifications. Perhaps you need to upgrade or re-engineer an existing power product for maximum performance, efficiency or to meet customer demand – we can help you do that too.

Alert has the power to help you create reliable solutions for your specific power distribution application. Let us help you create an optimum power solution for your current & evolving needs. Contact us to get started.

Integrated Power - custom tool boxes
Custom power & USB strip - 3 outlet
Integrated Power - custom tool boxes
Power Assembly Production of a integrated power strip
Power Engineering In-house engineering & design services
Custom power & USB strip - 5 outlet
Custom Power Solution
Custom integrated power for tool cabinet
Custom Power Integrated Power - custom tool boxes
Custom duplex outlet box
Custom Power Source Integrated Power - custom tool boxes
Custom Power Strip Integrated Power - custom tool boxes
Custom Tabletop Power Custom desk power port
Power Engineering In-house engineering & design services
Integrated Power - custom tool boxes
Uline AntiStatic Bench Work table - integrated power strip
Uline Power Grommet Power grommet - USB & single outlet

Recent Customer Projects

Sometimes even a seemingly basic application requires some customization to be properly incorporated into a product for our clients. As a distributor of industrial work tables, our client was looking to develop a power strip with a couple outlets that could snugly fit in an enclosure on their existing products. Our engineers got to work and delivered exactly what they were looking for according to their specifications. Thousands of these improved work tables have been out in the market, helping our client gain a larger share of the market since adding additional power features to their product. Assisting our clients in their quest to continue meeting their customers’ demands is as important to us as it is to them.

Throughout a long standing business relationship we have helped to develop a full line of power accessories for a major tool and tool box distributor. Working within their strict brand standards, we have helped design and manufacture a variety of power outlets and USB ports including standalone in various lengths, mounted to the face of their tool boxes, in drawers, or on back in a junction box. Each of their SKUs were different lengths had individual specs and required a separate custom design solution to ensure proper integration and mounting. As their customer’s business needs have changed, the addition of power to their tool boxes has become less of an option and more of a mandatory feature so this was a critical modernization for their product line.

For our industrial work table distributor client, we designed and manufactured a desktop power grommet to their precise specifications. Though it was integrated into much of their existing furniture and equipment, this product was also sold independently as a separate kit with mounting hardware for their customers to install themselves. This power grommet provides convenient, nearby power for the user to power up phones, tablets, laptops or whatever is needed. This 15-amp custom model included a 3 prong outlet and two USB ports. As with many SKUs we provide for their line, we not only designed and manufactured the product, but also worked on branded packaging as well.

When you have over 20,000 students using the five libraries within your university – and several regional state libraries as well – you need to have a plan to keep laptops and phones charged up and ready to go. So when our client came to us looking for a solution we knew there was a lot at stake. The result: custom tabletop power strips – including outlets and USBs – for all the study cubicles and tables in all of their libraries. They needed to be uber-durable to withstand tons of action and maintenance free as they could not afford downtime to repair or replace. Our custom mounting brackets that screw into the tabletop provides a rigid and secure base for the custom power strip. Over five years later there has not been a single complaint or return!

Creating unique private labeled products and components for a shipping and business supply distributor has been a rewarding challenge. So when our client came to us with a set of very specific requirements for a power project we got to work. The problem they faced was that the USB power strips we already manufactured for them could not be utilized in a specific vertical market they sold to. Whether it’s medical, educational or scientific laboratories, their customers were struggling to get temporary, portable power to their work tables due to their extremely thick table tops. The solution: a heavy duty clamp that allows the customer to securely fasten the desired power strip to their work table and have the flexibility to transfer it to another location if and when needed. Making sure customers in these markets had the convenient power they needed was key for our client.

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