Commercial LED Lighting Solutions: Benefits, Applications & More

April 25, 2023

Whether the setting is industrial or commercial, having a reliable portable lighting solution is essential to keep processes running smoothly. Replacing incandescent lights with commercial LED lighting is a superior option due to their energy savings and efficiency, less heat, and long lifespan.

LED lighting’s longevity stems from how much energy converts to light instead of heat. For example, 90 percent of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs goes to generating heat. In contrast, only 20 to 50 percent of the power LED lighting uses produces heat, depending on its energy rating and the type of bulb used. For this reason, industrial LED lighting tends to be a better choice in factory settings, while excess heat from incandescent lighting can lead to fires or even explosions. Considering its longer lifespan and better energy efficiency, businesses considering upgrading their lighting systems should consider installing industrial LED lighting systems.

Applications of Portable Commercial LED Lighting

One niche for industrial and commercial LED lighting involves their use as portable lighting solutions. Portable lighting that uses less electricity, lasts longer, and that’s safer makes it a better option for many commercial and industrial uses. Portable LED lighting has played an essential role in making nighttime road construction safer.

Some applications for temporary commercial and industrial LED lighting can include: 

  • Construction: Provides reliable and portable lighting solutions, with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensuring sufficient temporary lighting is available for construction workers at night to make their work safer, particularly those doing road work.
  • Emergency road assistance: For tow trucks, police cars, ambulances, and other roadside assistance vehicles, it’s often imperative to have temporary lighting available that can be set up easily in areas without electrical power. 
  • Healthcare: Used for temporary structures in temporary facilities set up for emergencies, such as for triage; the portability and durability enable lighting to be set up quickly.

Portable LED lighting can be set up and used for any situation requiring quick setup and reliable illumination. This makes commercial or industrial LED lighting perfect for any emergency.

Advantages of Portable LED Lighting

The benefits of commercial LED lighting stem from their long lifespans, energy efficiency, and the fact they give off less heat. These three elements make them better for many businesses that depend on lighting systems.

Some advantages portable LED lighting offers include the following:

  • Easy setup: Commercial LED lighting systems meant for portability don’t require any specific training or equipment to set up while also allowing quick assembly.
  • Dimming capabilities: When used at less than its full power, commercial LED lighting is even more efficient, decreasing energy use and costs while extending the lifespan of bulbs; conventional lighting performs much less efficiently when dimmed.
  • Directional lighting: While incandescent lights project as much as 40 percent of light above them, which is essentially wasted, LEDs aim their lighting downwards to focus their light.
  • Lighting coverage: For projects requiring portable lighting, the ability to illuminate the area where the job takes place means fewer risks to workers and a safer work environment.
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike fluorescent and other more traditional lighting sources, there’s no need for special handling due to mercury or other hazardous material at the end of their useful life.
  • Energy efficiency: LED lighting produces less wasted light, meaning energy bills are anywhere from 60 to 90 percent lower.
  • Instant lighting: Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED lighting doesn’t flicker before becoming fully lit.
  • Power source: With inbuilt generators, portable LED lighting solutions don’t require a separate generator. Unlike more traditional portable lighting sources, the lifespan of LED lighting isn’t affected by frequently turning it on or off.
  • Less heat: LED lights emit much less heat than incandescent bulbs.
  • Low noise: Unlike other portable lighting systems, commercial LED lighting emits minimal sound, making it useful for public events, festivals, construction sites, and other situations where lower sound levels are beneficial.
  • Longer lifespan: While the average lifespan of most commercial LED lighting is 50,000 hours, they can last up to 100,000 hours before requiring replacement, which translates to cost savings for any business.
  • Low voltage: For businesses that work around water or other fluids that can readily conduct electricity outdoors in rainy conditions, commercial LED lighting operates at a very low voltage, protecting workers from accidental electrocution.
  • No UV rays: By illuminating without using ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commercial LED lighting makes a perfect solution for displaying art that can break down when exposed to UV light.
  • Size flexibility: With the actual size of a single LED light is only about that of a peppercorn, the way LED lighting can be used is more flexible; it can be bunched together to light like a traditional bulb or strung in a series like Christmas lighting, making it perfect for portable lighting solutions.
  • Withstand cold: Conventional lighting like fluorescent lamps require higher voltages, and their intensity diminishes when exposed to cold; commercial LED lighting performs about 5 percent better, making it useful for cold storage, freezers, illumination of building perimeters, meat lockers, outdoor signage, refrigerated spaces and other applications with exposure to colder temperatures.

Many businesses need more reliable access to electricity for lighting. For such projects, it’s crucial to have a reliable portable lighting solution. Commercial LED lighting systems offer greater flexibility and efficiency, with their generally smaller size and lighter weight, making them more easily portable. Many portable LED lighting systems even come with wheels allowing easy transport.

To learn more about commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions that are portable and temporary, contact our expert team at Alert Reel Manufacturing today.