A Quick Guide to Properly Storing Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

February 27, 2024
storing extension cords

In commercial, industrial, and residential settings, extension cords are important for applications requiring electricity far from a power source. Yet when not in use, storing extension cords presents problems, often tangling or developing kinks when not stored properly. Cord storage reels offer a solution that prevents fraying, splitting of insulation, kinks, or other damage that could create hazards the next time they’re used.

Storing extension cords isn’t just about safety but also ensuring the cabling will work the next time it’s needed. Taking proper care will also ensure a longer lifespan for the extension cord and maintain a safer job site. Storage reels for extension cords may take longer, but they provide a much better means for cord storage in the long run. Reels ensure users won’t need to worry about the mess or danger that often accompanies an improperly stored extension cord.

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