What to Consider When Investing in High-Volume Retractable Extension Cord Reels

October 20, 2023

When investing in high-volume retractable extension cord reels, you must have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. After all, you will be making a significant investment and want a reliable, durable product built to last. At Alert Reel Manufacturing, our decades of experience in the industry mean you can be confident in purchasing high-quality products designed and tested for optimal performance and longevity.

This blog will discuss the essential factors to consider when investing and explain how Alert Reel Manufacturing can cater to your specific requirements.

Investing in High-Volume Retractable Extension Cord Reels: Factors to Consider

1. Product Quality

When purchasing high-volume retractable extension cord reels, you want to know that your investment is sound. At Alert Reel Manufacturing, our products are designed with decades of development behind them, resulting in a product built to last and provide years of dependable service. We utilize the highest-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure our products stand above the rest. Alert Reel Manufacturing takes pride in the quality of our products and is committed to providing our customers with the best retractable extension cord reels on the market.

2. Length of Cord

One of the fundamental factors to consider when investing in high-volume retractable cord reels is cord length, which will depend on your application. If you work primarily in a small workshop or office, a 20 to 30-foot cord length might suffice. However, if you need to power tools or machinery in a large area, a cord length of 50 feet or more is essential. Alert Reel Manufacturing offers cords ranging from 20 to 100 feet long, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

3. Size and Gauge of Cord

The size and gauge of your cord play a vital role in choosing the right retractable cord reel. Simply put, the size of the cord determines how much power it can handle, and the gauge determines how much resistance it can handle. Larger cords with lower gauge numbers can handle more current and are ideal for powering heavy machinery. Smaller cords with high gauge numbers work better for lighter-duty applications. Alert Reel Manufacturing offers retractable extension cord reels specifically designed for commercial applications in a variety of sizes and gauges so you can find the perfect fit.

4. Color

Color is surprisingly influential when purchasing retractable extension cord reels in bulk. Certain environments can require a more discreet power source than others and Alert Reel Manufacturing is able to deliver. Whether you are looking for a white cord reel to blend into a commercial retail or big box store display or a black retractable cord reel that will disappear into the rafters of concert or convention stage settings, we have what you need.  

5. Amperage

A cable’s gauge determines the amperage requirements of commercial retractable extension cord reels. Check the equipment specifications that your retractable cord reel will be used with to ensure it’s a good fit – this will help ensure the cord reel isn’t overloaded. Specifications for cord reels should be available on the manufacturer’s website or in the instruction manual. Alert Reel Manufacturing offers cords ranging from 10 to 20 amps.

6. Number of Outlets

Remember that overloading a circuit poses a significant fire risk, so having enough outlets to power your equipment is crucial for safety. Consider your power needs to confirm that you have enough outlets to cover the tools or machines you need to operate. Alert Reel Manufacturing offers retractable extension cord reels with up to six outlets, making it possible to power multiple devices simultaneously.

7. Environmental and Safety Factors

To meet safety requirements, commercial retractable reels must be designed for the environment in which they will be used. For example, indoor cords are designed differently from outdoor ones, which tend to be more durable since they are exposed to weather and temperature changes. When choosing your retractable extension cord reel, consider the application, power ratings, outlets, gauges, certifications, and fault and ground requirements.

8. Customizable Options

At Alert Reel Manufacturing, we understand that some project requirements demand specific and complex designs. That’s why we offer customized retractable cord reel solutions to meet those demands. For years, we have successfully worked with our customers to develop a wide array of custom and private-label products for all kinds of commercial and professional applications. Creating customizable, scalable projects is our specialty!

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Investing in high-volume retractable extension cord reels for commercial use requires careful consideration of various factors, from cord length and gauge to working environment. Alert Reel Manufacturing’s extensive range of retractable extension cord reels cater to your specific needs. Make your investment count by choosing Alert Reel Manufacturing as your trusted manufacturer of high-quality retractable extension cord reels. Contact us today to speak with our expert team.