LED Corded on Retractable Reels

LED Corded Retractable Reel Work Lights are the perfect solution to tangled cords and cluttered work space. With a retractable reel cord, your task light and cord will be contained in an ultra portable, time saving unit. Sturdy, shatter resistant thermoplastic encase up to 50 feet of power cord while protective bumpers on the top and bottom of the work light make the LED light super durable. Ideal for hanging in your work space, the light features a 360 degree swiveling hook, and the reel hanging hook rotates as well–hardware for hanging is included with the unit.

Alert LED Corded Retractable Reel Lights come in configurations of 20 LED, 28 LED, 30 LED, 50 LED, 55 LED and 60 LED lamps, depending on the power you require for your project. The reeled power cord ranges in length from 20 feet up to 50 feet for the ultimate in versatility and maneuverability within your work space.

Let the experts at Alert guide you to the work light solution that is perfect for your company’s specific task lighting needs, whether they are flood lights, cord reel task lights or rechargeable battery LED work lights. Call the lighting professionals of Alert  directly by phone (716-648-1048) with any questions that you may have in regard to your LED lighting needs, or to place your order.